That’s the million-dollar question. As much as I’d love to give you an exact timeline, it’s like trying to predict the weather—a bit tricky.

For instance, the median number of days a house spends in the market is about 44 in June 2023, down from highs of 74 in January 2023. That’s in stark contrast to the 30 days in April 2022.Various factors like location, market conditions, property type, pricing, and marketing strategies, influence how long it will take to sell your home, so let’s discuss these below.

How Long Does It Take To Sell a Home?

Market Conditions

Picture this: homes are in high demand, and inventory is scarce. In this scenario (seller’s market), people snatch up properties quicker than a hot slice of pizza. Multiple offers, bidding wars—the works!

On the flip side, a buyer’s market means more homes than buyers, which means a slower pace. You’ll find yourself competing with other sellers, patiently waiting for that special buyer to come along. 



Price the home too high, and you might be left twiddling your thumbs as potential buyers raise their eyebrows at the number on the tag.

But set a competitive price right from the start, and you’ll be the belle of the ball, attracting interest and speeding up the process. A real estate agent can be your trusty guide, using their market wisdom to find that sweet spot.


Property Condition

Now, let’s talk about the condition of your home. Picture a beautifully maintained abode—clean, charming, and move-in ready.

That’s like a magnet for buyers, drawing them in with eager anticipation. This explains why 92% of realtors recommend improving the home’s curb appeal before listing it for sale.

But if your home needs some tender loving care or significant repairs, it might take a little longer to find its perfect match. Adjusting the price or investing in renovations can be the secret sauce to speed things up.



Location, location, location! Homes in desirable neighborhoods, amenities, great schools, and bustling housing markets are like the popular kids at school—they get all the attention.

Buyers flock to these areas, and homes sell faster than hotcakes. But homes in less sought-after locations might need a bit more time to find their perfect match.


Marketing Strategies

Marketing—it’s like crafting the perfect love letter for your home. Professional photography, online listings, virtual tours—they all contribute to making your home irresistible to potential buyers.

The more eyes on your property, the faster the sparks fly. Effective marketing is the secret ingredient to a swift sale.


Buyer Financing and Contingencies

Financing and contingencies can influence the timeline. If the buyer needs a loan, brace yourself for the approval process to take extra time.

And contingencies? They’re like tiny speed bumps on this selling journey. A buyer might have to sell their existing home or request satisfactory inspection results. These steps can slow things down but are part of the process.


Negotiation and Closing

The final steps to seal the deal. Processes like inspections, repairs, and financing can take a few weeks, as both parties dot their I’s and cross their T’s.

Appraisers, titles, and escrow—all the backstage magic that goes into making it official. The efficiency of this process can affect the timeline, so hold on tight.


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